Trail of Nyarlathotep

Shadows Over New York - Part 2

From the memoirs of Major Edwin Radcliffe (unpublished)

Looking for Ritchie Ceteritchie
Went to his bar, they pointed us to his room.
Nobody in the room, but a note about the meeting.
Went to the docks mentioned in the note. Nobody there.

Went to the church, blew up the statues (suck it, cultist drug dealers! Dynamite for you!).

Met Jax. She asked the Major to get her Canadian travel papers.
Sent the party to win an auction for a dagger.
Asked for information about the Carlisle expedition.

Fancis O’Donnel was a Lt. in the war. He is willing to arrange for papers for Vanessa Redgrave (Jax’s alias).

Got to the auction just as it ended. Took the dagger myself, while everyone else made a big show of leaving by the other door.
They were waylaid by Pan’s men and robbed of the dagger box, though it didn’t have the dagger in it.
I got a post office box, and then mailed the dagger to myself in an unmarked box.

That night, people went to meet Jax at her hotel. She ran in just before the meeting was scheduled in a hurry, and went up to her room. When she didn’t some back down, they went up to look, and found some people murdering her. The Major wasn’t there, however.



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