Trail of Nyarlathotep

Richard Morgan - letter home

A letter to Uncle Edward on the farm back in England

Postmarked: San Antonio, Texas

Dear Uncle Edward,

Life has taken a great turn for the better. I’m staying with this group, our last venture was very profitable. Enclosed find a bank cheque which should be drawable at the Westminster in town. It’s for the taxes, but I expect there’s enough there to pay your pub tab. Consider it well earned, as it was dangerous to get. Not as dangerous as the war, and the pay is a lot better too.

I didn’t think this would be nasty at all, but I was wrong. After success in Massachusetts, we went on a bounty hunt in Mexico, and captured a gun runner in jungle. He was hiding out in the ruin of an old temple, and, uh, something happened there, quite a changing experience. There was a cult which worshipped at the temple – you should have seen these lunatics – and a witch doctor… I don’t know what he was… some kind of priest magician… he pointed at me and said something and it bloody well nearly killed me. I was more surprised than anything else, I mean… the bugger wasn’t even sporting a jack knife, I didn’t even think he could hurt me. I’ll tell you more about it some day, it’s still strange to think about. I talked to the Father in our group (John), he helped me sort it out in my head. I’ve been through a lot of rotten situations, and I thought I’d seen the worst the world could be, but I was wrong.

I’m starting to realize just how wrong everything can be, not just for me, but for everybody. I’m still thinking about this, but I’m fine now, I’ve got money, and my companions are taking us to New York! It’s got to be better than that blasted jungle, but I bet these Yankees can’t match the special malted you load into the crawl under the fireplace bricks. You’re just like Mum, I suspect that you knew that I knew about that? There, I’ve said it then. Well, if you ever run out, I know where there is a case of gin buried in a hole in Mexico.

So how is Mum anyway? Tell her I love her, and I’ll be home soon to see her. I think I forgot to tell you that the lawnmower blades need sharpening. If we’re going to be in one place in New York for more than a month, I’ll send a reply address. Kiss the twins, I’ll be gone for a while longer.




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