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n.b. this page assumes you know jargon :).

New Occupations

1. Forger (a specialized criminal)
2. Occultist
3. Librarian (a specialized Professor)

New Skills
  • Forgery

Assuming everyone can regularly make it, we’ll be creating characters with the following build points:

14 Investigative, 65 Action. Points trading between players is available at a 1 Investigative to 3 Action exchange rate. I reserve the right to increase, but not decrease, these totals :).

Feel free to leave 2 Investigative and 5 Action build points unspent so you can discover something new about your character as we learn to play!

Ability Caps
  • Stability is capped at 12
  • Sanity is capped at 10 – Cthulhu Mythos
  • Health is capped at 24
  • Credit Rating is capped at 7 or the higher end of your Occupation’s range, whichever is lower.
Restricted Abilities
  • No character may start with a rating in either of Cthulhu Mythos or Magic.
    • You’ll need to pick those up as you go.
  • Hypnosis is not available at all.
  • Remember that Occupational Abilities cost 1 for 2; they’re half price!
  • All characters start with Health 1, Stability 1, Sanity 4. Those are free.
  • Raising Health, Stability, and Sanity costs Action Build Points at character creation.
  • Fleeing rating above 2x Athletics Rating costs 1 for 2 (half price sale on aisle “running away”)
  • If you put 8 or more points into an Action Ability, you get a perk. See below for details!

The team will want a broad mix of Investigative abilities. It’s safe to assume every ability on the list will be useful, but not mandatory, at least once. However, Action is likely to happen to everyone, so there are some skills everyone should consider: fleeing, scuffling, stealth, one of the repairs or preparedness. I would work together to build some Action Ability redundancy.


High ability ratings open up Perks. Check out the list on that page.

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