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About the Campaign World

My opening spiel in PDF form. I recommend putting on some nice swing while you look at it.

It’s a slideshow, so it’s principal purpose is to provide an aide-memoire.

Fiasco: 1918

I’ve adapted a playset for a Fiasco game set in the Great War for use as a character creation aid. We will be playing in early spring, 1918.

A desperate Germany plans a last-ditch, all-in strike at France and Britain before their new allies in Italy and the United States can get fully mobilized. On the eastern front, Imperial Russia has collapsed in the face of the Bolshevik revolution, freeing up German military resources but raising an altogether different question: is now the time for the world-wide socialist revolt? Is this the twilight of the great empires and kingdoms of Europe?

Moreover, Europe is scarred from 3 years of constant, bloody war. Paris tries to keep up a facade of normalcy amidst the turmoil, and there are still embers of the fin-de-si├Ęcle bohemian paradise alive in the hard-pressed capital. New German artillery, airplanes, and even zeppelin raids provide a constant atmosphere of unease that pervades every aspect of civilian life. Will things ever return to normal? With so many troops freed up from the eastern front, can the Allies stave off a desperate Germany? Are any of us going to make it through the night?

Let’s drop your nascent investigators in and find out!

There are reasons enough for almost anyone to be somewhere between Paris and the front lines of 1918, so don’t feel constrained to be a career military type.

Intro and Overview

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