Getting Started

What’s the plan?

If you’re interested in playing, start by pinging me on Le Twittre or via email: mhw[at]

The first thing we need to do…

…is to have a little kickoff session where we meet and I introduce things, talk about the 20s a bit, eat some food, drink a little, and start bantering about the characters we’ll play.

So go to this doodle and let me know when you’d be available to do this.

That’s really all there is to it—we can work out the details at that first meetup!


Awesome! Well, I’d start by reading some Lovecraft, or reading up on the 20s, or thinking about what sort of character you might like to play :). Our game will take place in 1925, but there are a couple prologue and introductory bits set 1918–1919. Also Trail of Cthulhu is almost a class-based system, so think about what your character might do in this crazy ol’ high-rollin’, jazz-jumpin’, insignificant-and-probably-doomed-anyway world. Character building is going to be a little bit of a collaborative process, so don’t get yourself too heavily invested in the details of your character yet, though. Mark :).

If you’re really industrious you could start checking out the main ruleset we’re going to be using here

You might also consider creating an account on Obsidian Portal here and sending me a friend request so I can add you to the game.

Getting Started

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